Software and Website Translation

Localization means translating and adapting text so it seamlessly meets the locally and culturally accepted values of the country or region for which it is intended. When localizing a product to a foreign language it is important to take specific cultural values and cultural differences into consideration, so your product is marketed correctly. The language localization process should best be performed by professionals: native-speaker translators with great linguistic skills and extensive knowledge of country and culture.

Software UI Translation

Translating software strings (software localization) is different from a regular translation process. In many cases localization is a challenging process resulting from technical limitations such as limited available space (number of characters) on the interface. Use of correct terminology enhances intuitive use of the application and allows for easy and better acceptance of your product. Each language has its pitfalls and can cause surprising and unwanted results if not dealt with adequately. As a translation agency specializing in Localize, we have gained the necessary experience over the years and feel confident that we can provide you with satisfactory localized translations.

Website Translation

Offering services in foreign markets requires a completely translated and localized multilingual website. Schouten Translation Services can provide that service, just as we have done for many other companies. Our translators (native speaker) will convert your text to their mother tongue in the right style and tone so you will be well represented in any language. If you have any technical requirements regarding the localization of your website, such as specific file formats, online translation tool and so on, please feel free to contact us. We are confident that we can offer a solution. In addition, we can also assist and advise you on the design of a multilingual website and optimization in foreign languages.

File Formats for Software Translation

Multilingual websites can be created in different shapes and forms; we can anticipate on your needs and deliver localized content in almost any desired format ranging from regular formats such as Word, Excel, HTML or text file format, to special resource files (e.g. dotnet (.NET) RESX files or JAVA .resource files). In addition, we can handle custom XML files format as well.

Localization and Translation Rates

To get a quote for a straight forward localization project, feel free to fill in our instant online quotation form. For a more complex project, we advise you to contact us by email info [at] stse .nl or telephone 0031 416 35 35 12 .