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Are you looking for high-quality Spanish translations from an expert Spanish translation service? Then this is the right site.

Schouten Translation Services has been a reliable document translation service provider for Spanish translations for over 24 years. You can contact us for all kinds of texts and translations. Our unique and efficient working method for Spanish translations not only guarantees high quality, but also offers excellent value for money.

Professional Spanish Document Translation Service

Schouten Translation Services is a specialized Spanish translation agency. We have extensive experience in high-quality translations in many fields. Thanks to our extensive network of native translators, we can also offer a low price.

Rely on our expertise and have your texts translated by our professionals at a highly competitive rate. Your translation is provided by skilled, professional Spanish translators. All our Spanish translators are native speakers.

They are also specialized in the subject that is offered for translation. So you can rely on a professional translation with perfect grammar from someone who is familiar with Spanish culture.

Spanish translations

Need a highly competent translator? Our translation service provides Spanish translations in the following language pairs of the most widely spoken languages:

  • Spanish - English
  • English - Spanish
  • Spanish - German
  • German - Spanish
  • Spanish - Dutch
  • Dutch - Spanish

Our translators come from all walks of life. So other language pairs are also possible.

Do you want to know what a translation costs? Mail us for a free quote, without obligation. We charge a fixed price for a translation based on the document’s word count in the source language. This way we can determine a fixed price in advance, so you know up front the costs and turnaround time.

What file format should I use to send a text for translation?

We can process and translate almost any file format. If desired, we can also take care of formatting the layout of the translation. So, we can also translate and format Framemaker, InDesign and Pagemaker files. And you can submit files in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, XML, HTML, PDF or Hard copy.

Is your file format not listed? No problem. Just contact us and we will make sure that we can also process your document and translation.

How does your Spanish Document Translation Service operate?

We set a fixed price in advance. We calculate a price based on the number of words. Sometimes the file format or the field of expertise also plays a role in the final price quote. We will send this to you in advance, so that there are no misunderstandings.

A native-speaker Spanish translator will then start working on your Spanish translation. All our translators are aware of the country-specific Spanish that applies to the different Spanish-speaking countries around the World. This enables them to provide high-level Spanish translations. The text reads as if originally written in Spanish. Need a sworn translator? We are happy to help you.

All our translations are then checked by a second Spanish translator. This way we ensure an error-free translation of your text. We always ensure that your Spanish translation is completed within the desired delivery time.

Spanish translation of documents, manuals and brochures

Spanish Translation Service, for high-quality translations from English into Spanish

Do you export products to Spanish-speaking countries? Then it is important that the accompanying (official) documents are also provided in Spanish. If it concerns consumer goods within the EU, then this is even mandatory.

We provide sworn translations and take into account any differences in various Spanish-speaking countries. Standard Spanish, for example, consists of subtle differences compared to Spanish in South America.

Why choose our Spanish Document Translation Service?

  • We have a large pool of translators that either translate to Spanish or from Spanish into their native language. This way we can always choose the right person for your translation assignment.
  • You can also contact us for a language other than Spanish.
  • All our Spanish translators are native speakers to ensure that we always offer high-quality translations.
  • Every translation is checked by a second native-speaker translator. This allows us to improve your translation should this be applicable.
  • We always make clear agreements with you: you will know the exact costs and delivery time in advance. So no surprises afterwards.
  • Thanks to our extensive network of translators, we can guarantee a fast delivery time.
  • You can also contact us for a sworn translation. Do you want to have an official document translated? Then we provide a sworn Spanish translator.
  • Our Spanish Document Translation Service has more than 20 years of experience. This expertise is beneficial to your Spanish translation.

How much does a Spanish translation cost?

Our Spanish Document Translation Service distinguishes itself by offering competitive rates for high-quality translations. The costs of a translated text are determined on the basis of the subject area, file format and the number of words.

Want to know how much it costs to have your text translated? Just go to our page What Does My Translaton Cost to get an instant estimate of your document translation. Or simply request a quote for your translation. It is free of charge and without obligation.

Need a sworn Spanish translator?

A sworn translation is required for some documents. This includes documents for an official body such as deeds, diplomas, certificates, articles of association, bank guarantees or patents. You don't want to have such documents translated by just any translator, but by a sworn translator.

That is why we offer sworn Spanish translators who are also native speakers. So you can rely on a professional translation. Curious about the costs? Ask for a quote without obligation.

This is how our Spanish translation agency distinguishes itself

Not every Spanish translation agency is the same. Sometimes we work with translators of a different origin. At our translation agency you can assume that all Spanish translations are done by native Spanish translators. Spanish Dutch, Spanish English, Spanish German or vice versa: everything is possible.

Spanish is number two on the list of the five official languages, or the most spoken languages. That means there are about 400 million people who speak Spanish. The Spanish language is spoken in many more countries than just Spain. Only Mandarin surpasses the number of native speakers as the most widely spoken language.

It is therefore not surprising that many Spanish translators are needed. If you want your texts translated in a professional manner, it is smart to work with a Spanish translation agency that works with native speakers.

Why outsource to a Spanish translation agency

Did you know that in Spain they have different regional languages? So the Spanish language is not as easy to translate as some people think. You have Catalan, Basque, Galician and Aranese. Have your text translated by a Spanish translator who is aware of these differences.

For a perfect translation, work with a professional Spanish Translation Service.

Contact our Spanish Document Translation Service

Need a Spanish translator for your texts? We can translate your document into Spanish or from Spanish into any language.

Do you want a legal document translated? No problem. Schouten Translation Services also works with sworn translators.

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