Frequently Asked Questions


How Much Do You Charge For a Translation?

There's no direct answer to that as it depends on various factors such as language combination and field of expertise. The easiest way is to determine the costs for your translation is to fill in our online form to get an instant quote, free of charge and free of any obligation . Rates are based on the number of words in the source language, the file format in which you deliver the source text and the applicable subject domain. Before performing your translation we will send you an order confirmation stating exactly how much it will cost and on which date and time it will be delivered. We like to be clear up front without any hidden costs!


What Is The Delivery Time Of a Translation?

In general a translator translates roughly 2000 words per day. So if you divide the number of words in your document to be translated by this number you will get a rough estimate of the delivery time. Note that a document of 2000 words will generally not be delivered in one day, unless you specifically ask for it, as is also needs to be reviewed and checked before it is sent to you. But for a translation of 100,000 words we will utilize more translators to complete it. Just keep in mind that we are flexible in meeting deadlines as long as it is within reasonable limits.


How Do I Know That Your Translation Agency Will Provide The Required Quality?

Understandable question! We have been in business for over 10 years now, providing quality (technical) translations to a wide range of companies and industries. Over the years we naturally expanded our expertise and have fine-tuned our working processes to meet the highest standards and achieve full customer satisfaction.


How Can I Supply Documents For Translation?

E-mail your documents to info at We can handle almost all file formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, XML, HTML, Adobe acrobat reader (PDF), FrameMaker, InDesign, PageMaker, illustrator, QuarkXPress, Open Office, and so on. If you only have a hard copy of your document for translation, you can send the document by postal service. See our contact information for address details. Do not hesitate to contact us in case your file format is not mentioned here.


What Is a Sworn Translation?

This is a translation performed by a qualified translator who has been registered and sworn-in at a District Court or similar authorized body. A sworn translator is officially licensed to provide sworn translations. Sworn translations are often only required for translated documents needed for official bodies. Examples are extracts from the Chamber of Commerce, birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, deeds, divorce papers, certain agreements and export documents and so on. In most cases a sworn translation will consist of the source document, the translation and a statement from the translator that the translation is a genuine translation of the source text. All documents will have a stamp from the translator specifying that it is an official and sworn translation.

Legalized Translation
if in addition to a sworn translation it also needs to be legalized, this means that the sworn translation also needs to be send to the official body where the sworn translator is registered, so the signature and stamp can be verified for authenticity.